The Arcane Protection Group was founded by Executive Protection Specialist Joseph Hibner. Mr. Hibner has over 18 years of experience in protective services to include prior law enforcement. Incorporating a wealth of information from its core team members consisting of prior military, law enforcement, executive protection specialists and corporate security directors, The Arcane Protection Group offers tried and proven  experience from a professional background of Corporate Security for Fortune 500 companies, Executive and Celebrity Protection, High Net Worth Individual Protection, High Value Asset Protection & Transportation and At Risk/Hostile Employee Termination to benefit the clients we service. Rooted in a solid educational background in Law Enforcement, Executive and Close Protection Services, The Arcane Protection Group is ever mindful that there are significantly distinct tactical applications and ideologies between the two fields and continue to stay on the cutting edge of progressive training concepts and continuing education that keeps our performance truly superior.

Specialties: Executive/Close Protection, Corporate Security, Protective/Evasive Driving, Robbery Suppression, Workplace Violence Mitigation, Defensive Tactics, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Defensive Firearms Instructor, Security Consultant, Certified Professional Rescue, TECC Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, First Aid & CPR for Professional Rescuers.


561612 – Personal Protection Services, Guard Services, Property Protection Services